about me twisted whiskers designs

Before I created the Furry Knitter podcast, I hosted Knit Me Happy and ran Cattail Knits where I sold hand dyed yarn and stitch markers.  I was ready to dive full time into my fiber business and move into designing after getting my feet wet with a few patterns.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.  Christmas week 2013, I suffered a traumatic wrist injury which left me unable to knit or spin for nearly there years.  So, I closed up shop and stopped podcasting.

But then I discovered Portuguese knitting in the months leading up to my reconstructive wrist surgery.  My world changed overnight (well after weeks and months of intense rehab) and my passion for fiber arts was renewed.  Portuguese knitting allowed me to knit with minimal movement or strain on my joints.

I decided I set out to resume podcasting, design patterns that could bring knitters hours of enjoyment, and teach knitters new skills with tutorials and workshops.  But I was worried how I would do with all of this while I was still on my road to recovery.

My husband, my biggest supporter, told me I needed to pursue my passion and live my dream.  He could see how my world became brighter when I was knitting or spinning.

So I decided to jump in and make my way to the deep end one ball of yarn at a time.  I found a mentor and began reading more about knitting design, pattern writing, and e-commerce.

Then I found out my original podcast name/ web domain had long been lost and was being “parked” by a person wanting to sell them for almost $1,000 lol.  Well, that’s when I needed to get creative.  So I racked my brain and decided a new name actually suited my new start.  That is how the Furry Knitter was born.  Past viewers will know that I am an avid animal lover and my cats are my constant co-hosts.

Through it all, I’ve released my first products at my new shop Twisted Whiskers Designs and started recording new videos.  The response has been pure love from everyone who sees the podcast and my new shop.  How could I expect any less from our wonderful world of fiber lovers?

Thank you for helping make my dream come true and I truly hope you get hours of joy from my podcast, patterns, workshops, and reviews.