It’s Good to be Back

Hello my fiber lovers!  After a way toooooo long break I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be coming back to the world of podcasting.  For those of you who know me from my old show Knit Me Happy, I sustained a traumatic wrist injury in 2013 that left me in severe pain and ultimately unable to knit.  In September 2016, I finally had reconstructive wrist surgery and learned Portuguese knitting which has allowed me to knit pain free since Christmas 2016.

My passion for fiber arts has returned with a fury that can’t be contained lol.  After a long talk with the hubby we decided fiber arts needs to be my full-time career.  These past three years it felt like a piece of my soul was missing and now I’m finally complete.  The realities of my surgery and being able to maintain a healthy wrist means dyeing yarn is out of the picture for my foreseeable future.  However, designing knitwear patterns and teaching are perfectly within my grasp.

The months before my injury I had started exploring designing and found the process exciting and fun.  Over the past few months I have spent countless hours and days absorbing all of the knitting knowledge I could.  This has been put to use by my rewriting and rephotographing my patterns.  Now they are looking lovely, test knit, and tech edited.  How much better does it get than that?

You can expect me to go back to a monthly podcasting schedule with a slightly different format.  I will also be putting together several tutorial videos every month and providing a sneak peak behind my design process.  I hope enjoy what is to come and thank you for all of your continued love and support over the past few years!

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