In this weekly podcast, knitwear designer Rachel Frank shares her adventures in designing, knitting, spinning, and weaving.  She entertains, educates, and empowers knitters around the world with compelling stories, helpful tutorials, reviews, and workshops.

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Furry Knitter Podcast Episode 1 Good to Be Back with Rachel Frank tinygeekcrafter of Twisted Whiskers Designs

Episode 1 Good To Be Back

In Episode 1 of the Furry Knitter Podcast, I share my works in progress, reveal my arch nemesis, show off some finished knitting and weaving, and give you a sneak peek in the…

Furry Knitter Podcast Episode 000 New Everything with Rachel Frank tinygeekcrafter

Episode 000 New Everything

In Episode 000 of the Furry Knitter Podcast, I introduce myself, discusses plans for the podcast, and demonstrate my unique style of knitting (Portuguese Knitting). Interested in learning more about Portuguese…

It’s Good to be Back

Hello my fiber lovers!  After a way toooooo long break I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be coming back to the world of podcasting.  For those of you who know me…